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News Articles

News Articles

Trish Quinn, Founder & CEO of Final Farewell, Inc., talks about helping a young woman with the loss of her newborn baby. 

Hosted by: Bill Anderson
Recorded:  July 23, 2018

Trish Quinn, Founder & CEO of Final Farewell, Inc., talks about providing financial assistance, advice and guidance to families coping with the loss of a child. 

Hosted by: Jill Horner 
Produced by:  Freedom Newsmakers Team
Recorded:  April 27, 2018

When Families Can’t Afford Their Child’s Funeral, Patricia Quinn Is There to Help

by Nicole Weisensee Egan
People Magazine

published July 20, 2017

For Philadelphia funeral director Patricia Quinn, helping bereaved families bury their children is tough enough.  But finding out they can’t afford to hold a funeral for their children, let alone bury them, was heartbreaking.


A Work of Mercy

by Lou Baldwin
Special to the CS&T

Robinson and her children died in a fire in the early morning hours of Feb. 11, in a partly-boarded-up, presumed vacant house at 59th and Walnut streets. It was a bitter cold night, and space heaters were connected to power strips and extension cords leading to an illegal hookup to the Philadelphia Electric Company line.

There were no smoke detectors. It was almost a certain recipe for disaster.


Providing a last kindness

by Alfred Lubrano
staff writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer

published March 6, 2011

February lightning, rare and ominous, tore through the sky over Ivy Hill Cemetery in Northwest Philadelphia.  Sokpheng Taing, a Cambodian immigrant who lost two sons in an Olney fire Feb. 22, was scouting grave sites in the mud, wondering how he could affortd to bury his boys, Kevin 7, and Peterson, 9.

Thunder crackled as Taing turned to the diminutive woman standing next to him in the rain and asked, with his over his heart: "Can you help me out?"  Patricia Quinn, the only person in Philadelphia who could, nodded.  "Don't worry about it," she told Taing, who nearly smiled.