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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Final Farewell helps families provide an affordable funeral for a loved child.  We provide financial assistance, advice and guidance.  We've helped families from all religions and backgrounds. Your donation enables us to offer the enormous gift of a decent burial and a proper good-bye.

Some of the people we've helped

A Place Where Children Are

What kind of place would

 heaven be with all its streets of

 gold, if all the souls, that dwell up

 there like yours and mine, were

old? How strange would

heaven's music sound when

 harps begin to ring, if children

 were not gathered 'round to

help the angels sing. The children

 that God sends to us are only

 just a loan, He knows we need

their sunshine to make the house

a home. We need the inspiration

 of a baby's blessed smile. He

 doesn't say they've come to

 stay, just lends them for awhile.

 Sometimes it takes them years

 to do the work for which they

 come. Sometimes in just a month

 or two our Father calls them

 home. I like to think some souls

 up there bear not one sinful scar,

 I love to think of heaven as a

place where children are.